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If you have to report any suspicious activity, click on Energy Theft.

Energy Theft

PREPA lose a substantial amount of income on Energy Theft. This cost is transferred to our bona fide customers.  Economic losses over energy theft increase the high operating costs that we are fighting to reduce. 

Safety Threat       

Energy Theft represents a safety danger. Tampering with meters and energy lines can produce explosions, fires, electric discharges, property harms and even death. Potential dangers of Energy Theft not only involve the delinquent himself, but also innocent bystanders, family members, friends and PREPA employees as well.

Energy Theft is a Crime

PREPA employees are trained to detect tampering and alteration signs on meters and lines. We use meter data electronic analysis methods to detect Energy Theft. Anybody held responsible for Energy Theft will be subject to an immediate service disconnection and stolen payment recovery. Energy Thieves face criminal charges that may end up in fines and jail.

Tools meant to save energy are nothing but energy stealers.  Do not use a tampering tool to alter your meter. Offers to fix the meter in order for you to save energy will get you in trouble with the Law. Energy Theft is a Crime.

We can all help to eliminate Energy Theft 

Information tipped off by citizens is kept confidentially and can lead to important Energy Theft investigations. Informers that fill out questionnaires with their full names can be contacted by PREPA to serve as witnesses in case investigations.

For your own protection, please contact PREPA should you witness any of the following situations:

·         A person not identified as a PREPA employee tampering with a meter or a meter base.

·         A person not identified as a PREPA employee working close to any underground or aerial PREPA energy lines.

·         A person claiming to pay very little for energy service after tampering with the meter or getting an “energy saver device”.

·         Excessive energy use.  

Please, let us know of any suspicious Energy Theft activity at: 1-855-521-1212; Customer Service Center 787-521-3434; or visit our Customer Service offices. 

To benefit everybody in Puerto Rico, help us to eliminate Energy Theft and reduce energy costs.


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